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What I Eat Hungry Planet
Man Eating Bugs
Material World Robo Sapiens
Women in the Material World
Harry Chapin Media Award, 1994
-Oprah Winfrey
"... has the potential to inspire many young people around the globe to focus on matters of the mind"
-Publisher's Weekly
"...fascinating...beautifully designed...the cumulative effect is to reveal the bonds among people through the simple notation of their difference."
-The Houston Chronicle
"...a global mosaic, a lively panorama of people and things in intimate interaction."
-Life Magazine
    Daylight approaches: a father in Japan breakfasts on coffee, Pepsi, and vitamin pills before running for the train. Twelve thousand miles away in Haiti, a man winces as he shaves with a much-used dry razor blade. Two girls in Iceland run barefoot in the snow around a hot spring; a boy in the United States happily fills in a firearm-safety coloring book; two boys at a village in Mali amuse themselves by marching around in Mickey Mouse sunglasses. Alone in a hot farmhouse, the wife of a rice grower in Thailand takes a short nap on a teak floor, a TV soap opera chattering at her unconscious back.

    Welcome to Material World, a remarkable portrait of humanity at the end of the millennium.

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